November 6, 2018

Three years ago, my son came up to me and asked that one question that every child will ask a parent at some point. “Dad, will you take me to Disney World?” At the time he was just six years old and his sister just three. Of course, as a parent, you know that there will be the obligatory Disney trip at some point, but you really hope your children will be a bit older when they ask this question, or at least that was our hope. At the time, by no means were we ready to take such a venture. As any good parent would do, we simply made a promise that indeed we will go but he needed to wait until he was a bit older. Being himself, he followed up his question with another- “How old do I need to be?” By this time, we knew that this conversation would not be over until all of his questions got answered. So, we simply explained that we felt like we needed to wait until both he and his sister were old enough to remember the trip. With a funny glance we knew what was coming next, so we simply answered before he could ask “When you are nine and your sister is six.” Fast forward three plus years later and guess what gets brought up! How in the world they both remembered is far from me, but indeed he expected to be in Disney ON HIS BIRTHDAY! That’s right, November 1st Jonah turned nine and Callie was six! Guess who went to Disney this past week!!! It is important for parents to always back up their promises with their children. The Bible is clear that keeping a promise is highly important. Please, even if it cost you everything, even if you children are grown adults. Always keep your promises. The payoff is out of this world, as I have never seen two kids as happy as they were!
Be intentional

       Be Intentional,

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