We had such an amazing time Sunday night going out with the kids caroling and visiting with Ms. Joy Young, Darrell and Sharon Segura, and Ms. Mary Ann Cruse!  It was such a blessing to go and share God’s love with them!  After we caroled, we came back and ate yummy pancakes and talked about the Greatest Gift!  
    I’ve heard it said that there are 3 aspects to giving the perfect present… #1 it is a refection of the giver, #2 fulfills a need or want of the person receiving it & #3 it retains or grows in value over time.  As we talked, I showed them that in each of the goodie bags they were taking home was a small present ornament.  It was to help them remember that #1 God sent Jesus to us a reflection of His love for us… God in the flesh.  #2 Jesus was sent to fulfill a need, as a sacrifice for our sins.  #3 The gift of salvation, should we accept it, only gets sweeter every day!  I told the kids that most importantly, a great gift is not meant to be kept to yourself.  If receive a great gift for Christmas, you want to tell everyone about it!  Jesus is the greatest gift ever given!  That gift if meant to be shared not kept to ourselves!
    Children Pre-K to 2nd grade will want to be in Children’s Church this Sunday!  We will have a special Christmas lesson during Children’s Church and play a really fun game to help us learn about the importance of Jesus’ birth, and the importance of what and who we learn about in the Bible!  The more children we have the more fun the game will be!  
    We still have a few events coming up for the kids before the end of the year.  Children participating in the reading and song during the Musical will be practicing this Wednesday Dec. 12th and on Sunday, December 15th will need to meet the Children’s Choir room at 4 p.m. for rehearsal and snack before the service.  Please have the kids dressed in Christmas/Sunday best clothing!
    Friday, Dec. 20th at 6 p.m. is the Pre-Teen (4th, 5th & 6th graders) Christmas Party.  We will meet in the Family Life Center and will be finished between 8:30-9 p.m.  Please bring a wrapped pair of crazy/Christmasy socks for a fun gift exchange! 
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