Chidren's Ministry Director--Chris Bailey

February 13, 2018

In Children’s Church Sunday, we had a lesson about “Messy Pride”. We talked about Samson, and how he let his pride take over, and the messy consequences. Samson forgot who gave him the super strength he touted. Big mistake! You know… pride is like gum really. When I was a kid, my favorite gum to chew was Watermelon Hubba Bubba, because it was sweet, and you could blow outstanding bubbles with it! As much as I loved blowing those crazy big bubbles, there was one drawback. See the big bubbles were nice, but when they popped, they stuck in your hair, all over your face and made a mess! Pride works the same way. It starts out like a little bubble… It’s ok to be proud of the things we accomplish, as long as we remember who gave us the talent, or gift to do it, but we must be careful. Pride can quickly get out of hand and begin to get bigger and bigger as we convince ourselves that we don’t need anyone or God to get things done, or that we have accomplished great things on our own. Like that gum bubble, pride grows and grows, getting bigger and bigger, until POP it blows up in our face!!! Believe me, that’s never a pretty picture… just ask Samson. Proverbs 16:18 reminds us that pride leads to destruction. To help the kids remember this valuable lesson, we gave each of the kids a pack of Hubba Bubba. We must always remember to rely on God, and remember to say thank you, for all good things in our lives come from Him!

We are still needing Children’s church and Sunday night workers! We are also looking for help preparing the Sunday night meal for the children. For children’s church and Sunday nights, we are looking for individuals to help prepare the snacks and drinks, craft and game help, and help with potty breaks. No teaching required. The children’s Sunday night meal is simple. We usually serve things such as hot dogs, chicken nuggets, nachos, pizza, etc. If you would like to help us get the food ready by 5:30 p.m. on Sunday nights, please let me know. Believe me, you will be blessing us and well as receiving a huge blessing when you hang out with this awesome group! We hope you will pray about joining us soon… there’s only about 4 weeks left!

Please continue to pray for the children’s ministry. We are seeing new faces almost every week and are excited to see God moving in so many ways within our church!

That the next generation may know of God's grace,


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Sunday at 9:30:
1st - 5th grade Sunday School

Preschool Sunday School
2 classes:  2-3 yr olds and 4-5 yr olds
Sunday at 10:50:   Children's church
4 yrs old- 2nd grade
We begin by singing with our families in Morning Worship, then kids are dismissed to Children's Church. Activities include Bible stories, Bible learning activities, and crafts.
Sunday 5:30-7:00: Sunday Evening Activities
Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 Children's Activities and Choir in the Children's Choir Room