1-14-2020 January is moving right along!  The SuperStart Preteen event is just a few weeks away, and we are so exited!  We have four young ladies who will be attending!  Chloe Millstead, Tessa Bailey, Addison Varela and Brenlei Dumesnil.  Please begin praying for these young ladies, that God would do something amazing in their lives and that they will come home on fire for God!  I am looking forward to this event and what will happen there!
This month in Children’s Church we will be sharing “Big Bible Stories”!  We will talk about some of the time individuals in the Bible faces BIG adversaries or accomplished BIG things with God.  We talked about Moses parting the Red Sea yesterday.  Some were familiar with the story, but it is a blessing to share the account with some for the first time and to see how amazed they are at what God can do!  This Sunday we will be talking about a BIG Giant!
Last night, with the Preteens, we talked about being a part of the whole.  We discussed how even though the kids are young, they still have an important part to play in our church.  I share a children’s story I heard a few years ago about a car.  The car was on its way somewhere special but broke down.  Immediately, the parts of the car began bickering and losing hope.  The wheels were “tired”, the muffler was “exhausted” and so on.  Each part felt they were doing all the work.  As the story progresses each part of the vehicle learns that they each are important and have an important job that only they can do.  I explained to the kids that they are no different.  God has created them for a special purpose.  He has given them each special gifts and talents that they can use here at the church, we have only to discover what we are meant to do.  We must work together to move to the special place God has set before us!  This year we will be exploring ways that they can begin plugging into the church body more and learn to be at work for God.

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