I am so excited to about this Wednesday!  I have missed the kids so much and can’t wait to get together and talk about what they have been doing!  
Last week I mentioned that in the Pre-Teen class we were going to skim over the “Selfie” unit and then go into the “Connect the Dots” unit, but I have changed my mind.  Next Wednesday, we will start the “Selfie” unit from the top.  I think this is an important unit for this age group, because it is talking about our identity in Christ and about discovering some of our gifts and how to use them.  We will talk about spiritual gifts and talents that God has blessed us with.  I think that it will be a great place to pick up and move forward!  I am excited about this so much and cannot wait to get started!
With all the virus issues, we have had to push back VBS.  We do not have a concrete date or event planned yet, but we have began discussing several ideas.  VBS may be a little different this year, but regardless, it will be an amazing opportunity to share God’s love with the children of our community.
I find myself thinking a lot these days about normal.  I remember after Harvey, we all commented that there was a “new normal”.  Life was different after that.  Not necessarily in a huge way, but there were subtle differences.  I feel the same now.  I find myself thinking a lot about the children we are teaching.  How prepared were they for something like this?   Not physically, but spiritually.  We have come through an event that moved the church out of the building, and I wonder about how it affected the kids and their way of thinking about “going to church” vs. “being the church”.  This should give us pause to stop and examine what we are doing.  Are we just giving them tools or are we showing them how to use them and why they are applicable.  I know I can’t go back to “normal”.  This virus event has changed us all in some way.  More than ever I am thinking about the role of the church and the parents in the discipleship of these children.  I want to meet with my children’s teacher and workers soon for another training day like we did last year.  During this time, I want us to talk about how we can equip and empower the parents and the children and prepare them for similar events of the future.  I’ll let you know more about this soon.
I look forward to seeing you all soon!
That the next generation may know,


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