We are continuing on with our “sweet” series, “Donuts… Doing right was never so sweet!”  This week we learned about Commandment number 2, which tells us not to make any graven images.  God want to be the most important thing in our lives.  Each week we have used donuts to help the kids understand the 10 commandments, but this week, we used donut imposters…. BAGELS.  They look like the real thing, round with a whole in the center, but that is where the similarity ends.  They are not as soft and sweet as a donut… they are no substitution for the real thing.  We must be careful of the Bagels in our lives.  We must remember that there is only one true God.  He alone is worthy of our worship and praise.  Nothing else comes close!

    In Sunday’s bulletin, forms went out for our upcoming back to school prayer partnership.  If you have a child you would like to see prayed for, please submit their name, age, parent’s names, siblings, and school they are attending, as well as a current picture.  Also, please note if permission is given to give out the child’s address upon request.  This was such a blessing and overwhelming success last year!  The school year marks a season of new beginnings and this year is no different!  Prayer cards will be passed out on Sunday, August 11th.  Please have names, information and pictures submitted no later than Wednesday, August 7th.  For more information, please contact me, or call the church office.

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