Chidren's Ministry Director--Chris Bailey

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Easter with their families!  In children’s church on Sunday, we used a hollow chocolate bunny to remind us that sometimes finding nothing is amazing!  Our hollow bunny reminded us of the empty tomb on Easter morning!  How wonderful must it have been to arrive at the tomb that morning expecting to find Jesus body, but instead be met by and angel and see the stone rolled away!  It’s probably the first time in history when finding, nothing when you knew there should be something, was most wonderful outcome ever!  Let’s not stop celebrating Jesus… He is alive and well!

VBS sign-up sheets are out in the Welcome center and above the water fountains near the Sanctuary.  VBS will be June 23rd-27th this year.  This means we don’t have much time left to get ready!  Please don’t wait until the last minute to sign up to help!  Jump on the “Circus” wagon a.s.a.p!  For more information on how you can be a part of this years amazing VBS, you can contact me at the church office or give me a call!

                            That the next generation may know,

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