Yesterday we held a meeting for the Preteens and their parents, to let those who are coming in know what we do.  If you were unable to be there, I can get you a packet and walk through it with you.  Here is a quick summary: 
    We will now be including 6th graders in the Preteen class, as they are not quite ready for some of the subject matter you would teach a Senior.  They are just at a different place in their spiritual walk.  They are just beginning to take ownership of their faith, and we want to be sure to give them tools to keep up.  Also, there are some subjects that the youth discuss that this age group is not quite ready for.
    We discussed the curriculum and subject matter of the upcoming lessons and walked through some of the examples of what we do regularly in class, as well as the expectations and differences that the preteens will be seeing. 
    Finally, we talked about trips and opportunities the preteens will have as well as a point system to encourage attendance, studying the Bible and doing for others. If you would like to know more, just come by the office or give me a call.
    In Children’s church Sunday, we talked about being part of the Body of Christ.  God has given us each a special part to play.  We used Mr. Potato head as an example.  The kids helped put things where they are supposed to be on Mr. Potato head, and we learned that the eyes can’t do the feet’s job, and the arms can’t do the mouth’s job.  Each part has a unique job to do! The parts we play are very important, and we can come to know what we are called to do by getting into our Bible and growing closer in our walk with God.  Next month, we will start a unit on creation.
    We are hoping to expand the children’s ministry Sunday School classes soon, but we need a teacher.  If you think you would be interested in helping in this or any other part of the children’s ministry, please let me know, we would love to have your help!  

That the next generation may know,


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