Chidren's Ministry Director--Chris Bailey

April 10, 2018

Exciting things are happening in the Children’s ministry this month! We are learning about the miracles of Jesus in Children’s Church, beginning with Jesus calming the storm. The children learned that in times when they are afraid, stressed or worried, they can always turn to Jesus, just like the disciples in the boat did. Next week they will learn that God can do miracles through us. We will be sharing the story of the fishes and loaves, and how Jesus used a child (and his lunch) in amazing ways!

Sunday nights are something different! We are learning about having “Hands on Faith”. Each week, we are using science experiments to help the kids learn about what faith is, how to grow it, and how to share it. Last Sunday, we learned about the first disciples who set out on a journey to follow Jesus. We made special Styrofoam boats that when we added a bit of dish detergent, set out on a journey across the water. The younger kids enjoyed doing skits, and the older kids wrote in their journals about an amazing trip they had been on, and what made it so amazing. We learned that God does not want us to just stay where we are, but to walk on a journey with Him outside the walls of the church and share His truth and love with others. Finally, we also learned that just like anyone can be a scientist, ANYONE can be a messenger for God. Jesus didn’t call religious leaders to follow Him, he called normal everyday people to leave their comfort zone and follow Him on an amazing journey! Are you willing to do the same?

We are still in need of snacks for the kiddos on Sunday mornings and Wednesdays. We appreciate all donations, but please try to avoid nuts, incase of allergies. We are also in need of helpers on Sunday nights… no teaching required, just assistance with crafts and such.

We will be having a pancake breakfast for the kids this Sunday morning beginning at 9:15 p.m. in the Children’s Choir room. If you would like to help serve pancakes, please let me know!
Finally, VBS sign up time is almost here! Hopefully, you have begin praying about your part in this years amazing VBS. I will be posting the sign-up sheets this week. I will also be scheduling a volunteer’s meeting soon, so stay tuned!

That the next generation may know of God's grace,


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Sunday at 9:30:
1st - 5th grade Sunday School

Preschool Sunday School
2 classes:  2-3 yr olds and 4-5 yr olds
Sunday at 10:50:   Children's church
4 yrs old- 2nd grade
We begin by singing with our families in Morning Worship, then kids are dismissed to Children's Church. Activities include Bible stories, Bible learning activities, and crafts.
Sunday 5:30-7:00: Sunday Evening Activities
Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 Children's Activities and Choir in the Children's Choir Room