29 Days of Prayer for VBS

June 16
Give thanks for the volunteers who are giving time and energy to share Christ’s love with the children who will come to VBS (Phil. 1:3-5)

June 17
Pray for our student volunteers, that they would discover the gifts God has given them and grow in their love for the Lord through serving at VBS.
June 18
Pray for the Bible Story & Music Leaders, for endurance, creativity, and that they may speak and sing clearly and effectively share His Word through story and song.
June 19
Pray for the snack/ craft/ recreation leaders, for strength, patience, endurance and creativity. Pray the children see God in their service.
June 20
Pray for the younger children who will be attending VBS (Kindergarten – 1st grade), that seeds are planted and a love for God is developed.  Also, pray for those guiding these classes.
June 21
Pray for the older children attending VBS (2nd – 5th grade) that they understand the importance of what they will hear during VBS and will hear God’s call in their lives.  Also, please pray for their guides.
June 22
Please pray for the team working at the
registration team, and for the families represented by those registering for VBS.
June 23
Lord, help us to continue to give VBS to the children Your way, not necessarily our way.
June 24
Lord, help us to share Your love even if it stretches us way out of our comfort zone!
June 25
Lord, remind us to give hugs of Christian love to those around us; through our actions and at times literally our arms.  Let us be Your arms.
June 26
Pray for the snack/ craft/ recreation leaders, for strength, patience, endurance and creativity. Pray the children see God in their service.
June 27
Lord, help us be your hands today as we spread Your love to everyone within two feet of us today, in every direction..
June 28
Lord, thank You for all for the parents who trust us with their children this summer.  Please help them feel the touch of your love through our VBS and our Church this summer.
June 29
Lord thank you for all those You have sent and will continue to send.  May we continue to reach out to them and follow up with them throughout the summer.
June 30
Today Lord, we obey Your call to go out into the world and share Your Gospel. 
Guide our every step.

Chidren's Ministry Director--Chris Bailey

We are days away from the start of VBS.  Excitement is in the air!  We are still needing a few volunteers to help!  I am so thankful for those who have signed up already.  Last week I asked for prayer for the teachers that are working VBS week.  This week, I ask for prayer for the leaders and assistants that will be leading kids everyday from station to station.  Going by the sign up list, please pray for Juana Matthews, Angel Millstead, Greg Quist, Sharon Mannino, Thelma Sterling, Casey Anderson, Troy and Brenda Woodall, Paula Dickerson, Madison Juneau, David Dickerson, Bethany Stanton, Darrell Segura, Ouida Simonton, Missy Harbert, Dana & Kaleb Graham, and Brenda Withers.  Please also pray for those who come to help that may not be on this list.  Each person that works during the week of VBS is a very important part… there is no job too small to make a huge impact on a child’s life.  If you can’t make it all week, please come and support the kids and meet the parents on the final day, Thursday, June 27th at 8:00 p.m.
                        That the next generation may know,

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