BK's Korner, 4/25/2022

BK's Korner

We are entering a new season in our church.  I call it the “I missed it season”.  This is the time in a church’s life where if you miss a Sunday then you miss God doing something.  You have a little FOMO (fear of missing out).  You wonder “what did I miss?”. You hear others talking about the service or their Sunday School class and you regret that you missed it.  It is actually a pretty good season to be in.

I know that all of you don’t know everything that goes on behind the scenes in people’s lives here in our church.  I am privileged to hear about and know much of it. Trust me when I say that God is work in the lives of people in our church and in our community. God is definitely at work and we will begin to see more and more of the fruit of His work in the weeks ahead. 

Pray.  Remember to pray for our community all over our community.  Pray when you go to McDonalds.  Pray in Market Basket. Pray in Wal Mart. Pray at the gas station. Pray at Sonic.  Pray at work. Pray at school. Pray when you’re walking. Pray always, everywhere, and in every circumstance. Let’s just be an army Secret Agents.  Secret Prayer Agents. Let us saturate our community with Prayer.  Pray that God would give people a hunger for His word.  That He would draw people to where they can hear His word.  Pray that God would put in people a desire to walk in His ways. 

Summer is coming.  Usually I have led the church to relax a little bit in the summer.  This summer is different.  We are going to be active. There will be many things coming this Summer.  We are going to have Summer Sundays.  We will do different things on Sunday nights throughout the summer.  One of the things we will do is have a monthly prayer meeting.  Just stay tuned to the different opportunities that arise and be sure to plug in and get involved where you can.

Don’t miss what God is doing and is going to do.

God Bless you all
Love this Church Family bunches!
Get out there and Faith The Day!

BK ><>

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