Dealing With the Times

Dealing With the Times
There are major stories going on now and some that have been happening for quite a while. Covid-19 threw a wrench into the entire world’s gears of industry and more. Russia’s initiation of war with Ukraine has caused great havoc, unrest, and confusion among many. Israel and Palestine are at war and it would seem that many others are ready to get involved. What are Christians to do? What are Christians to think? 

Let us first remember that there are going to be various responses to each of these issues. Not all Christians are going to agree with how to handle Covid-19. Not all Christians are going to agree on how to handle the war between Russia and Ukraine. Not all Christians are going to agree on how to handle the war between Israel and Palestine. So, rather than ostracizing fellow Christians simply because we disagree on something, let us join together for Christ’s sake. We can do this in a very simple way; prayer.

However one understands any war going on at this moment, we can be united in how we pray for these nations. There will be Christians in these countries that will be displaced from their homes. There will be men, women, and children who are just civilians that will be displaced, injured, and scared. There will be the death toll that comes with war. How then can we pray? We can pray for the Church in these places. Difficulty always brings an opportunity for the people of God to minister to the hurting, the lost, the helpless. Let us pray for those in Christ to minister well those around them.

Additionally, we can pray for those who are caught up in the middle of these things. There are families in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, and Palestine that were simply trying to live life until these events happened. Now family members are called to arms, homes have been left, security is a notion of the past, and more. Therefore, let us pray for these people.

There is not universal agreement on these issues among Christians. Some Christians look to the nation state of Israel as having a future role in God’s redemptive plan, while others will see the Church as the fulfillment of God’s promises to Abraham. Some Christians will still be a bit cautious about Covid-19 and feel safe wearing a mask while others will have no trepidation. Whatever your understanding of these issues of the day, and the ones that will come our way, let us stand united in Christ as we pray. 

Grace be with you,
C. R. Hamilton

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