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“All my life You have been faithful
All my life You have been so, so good”

There are so many that tell us this is their favorite contemporary praise song.  It’s not hard to see why.  It’s one of my favorites to lead.

I believe we love it so because it not only tells of the faith we have in His goodness because of what He has done for us in the past.  But, I believe it brings us hope of His goodness for anything we are going through now and what the future may hold.  

There are many who have had huge losses.  A loss does not always mean a death of a loved one.  It can mean losing them from your life.  Losing the relationship that was there and now is not.  

These things can be very confusing to me.  I have had losses of close family members and I have said “Lord, I just don’t get it.  How in the world did we get here”?  I’ve prayed until I can’t find the words to say anymore.  I’ve begged and pleaded.  I have sat quietly before the Lord.  I have shouted in anger and I’ve walked the floor.  

When nothing changes is when our faith takes a hit.  Do we feel like thanking God for His goodness then?  

Romans 8:28 comes to mind “All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”  Those of us who belong to the Lord.  Blood-bought and born again believers in Jesus Christ. 

We keep praying and while we wait for the answers to our prayers, God gives peace and mercy and love.  He gives us the faith we need to make it through.  He holds us up when we don’t think we can stand.  

“I know You’re able and I know You can
Save through the fire with Your mighty hand
But even if you don’t 
My hope is You alone”    Even If, by Mercy Me


The choir is just about ready to sing for you at our Taste of Christmas on Sunday, December 18th.  We are excited about our presentation.  I hope you plan to come out and bring the kids.  There will be gifts for them and a couple of surprise guests.   

Everything is for the glory of God,


I was raised knowing all of the Bible stories.  I am thankful for my mother who dragged us to church where we could learn these Bible stories and know that there is a God.  We were taught to love others and to be kind and helpful.  I watched my mother be a servant to many people.  There was a seed of faith planted inside of me as a young person.

But, my mother was very judgmental when it came to the particular church someone attended, unless it was the one we attended.  She thought that was where the truth was being preached and if you weren’t going there, well you weren’t hearing the truth.  

I’ve been a singer for many years and after I was saved it was a joy to sing at church with the choir and sing some solos.  One particular time when we, me and mama and my kids, were visiting my sister in the Dallas area, the church where she attended asked me to sing a solo at their church on Sunday.  My mother was adamant that she needed to go to her church where there were no instrumental music played and certainly no one getting up in front of the church and singing a solo.  She believed everyone was supposed to sing together and certainly no choir would be gathered up front.  

A few years passed and my mother eventually had to move into a nursing home.  This is when I watched a change come over her.  She got to where she wasn’t able to attend church, but I saw God start working in her life.  She had her full attention on Him.  The religious practices and customs were not part of her daily life anymore.  

There were times I would ask if she wanted me to read from the Bible to her.  She said yes, but when I would start reading, she would start quoting it.  She knew the words; they were hidden in her heart.  

I know it’s not about whether you play a piano at your church or sing with no instruments, or whether you have a choir up front or not.  It’s about knowing God and that salvation only comes through Jesus Christ, His Son.  

God was so sweet to me and gave me a special gift during one of my visits with Mama.  A few months before she passed, I walked into her room and she was singing.  I walked to her bed and took her hand.  She turned to look at me and I saw the light in her eyes.  She said I am going to sing in the heavenly choir one day, are you going to sing in it too?   I said “Yes ma’am, I will be right there with you.”  

I had so much joy in my heart that day that it nearly burst. What a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see
When I look upon His face, the one who saved me by His grace
Then He’ll take me by the hand and lead me through the promise land
What a day, glorious day, that will be.

For His Glory,


“Father, we love You
We worship and adore You

This past Sunday’s worship touched by heart and filled me with joy.  I knew the presence of the Lord was there and I was grateful to be there.  When I left I was thinking about the worship and the word we heard from our Pastor and started thinking about all the reasons we worship God and the ways we worship Him.

Worship and Adoration - 

God is Creator and is worthy of our worship.
He is our Father.
He saved us by sending His only Son to die in our place so we can be free from sin.
We are commanded to worship God.  John 4 says that the Father is seeking true worshipers who worship Him in both spirit and truth.  
We worship God to bless and honor Him.
We worship God through music so we can draw near to Him.  In Psalm 100 we are taught to come into God’s presence with songs of joy and to enter His gates with rejoicing.

True worship is a selfless act of love toward God.  The most strange and wonderful thing about worship comes during some of the hardest times of your life.  We all go through things that we don’t think we will survive.  But, sometimes and somewhere in the deepest recesses of our minds, we hear that small, still voice that says, I am here and I love you.  I am still in control.  Lean on that faith that I gave you.   

Adoration will be impossible to hide when we fall deeper in love with God!

Glorify Thy Name in all the earth!!

We had a good practice last night as we moved into the Family Life Center to start putting the finishing touches on our songs.  I am thankful for the calling on each one who gathers each Sunday to prepare for this special night.
Be sure to pray for us and invite someone to come with you that night.  Be sure to bring the kids and grandkids as it will be a special night for them also.

For His glory,

Worship Choir Vocals  

The Worship Choir Vocalists are those committed to leading worship in song during the Sunday Worship Service, special services, and other events. The Worship Choir rehearses Sunday mornings at 8:25 am and other times as scheduled. Worship Choir vocals may also practice Wednesday evenings after the mid-week service with the rest of the Worship Team.  The abilities to read music and sing harmony by ear are helpful skills.  Contact Debbie Anderson, Music Director, via email to if you are interested in singing with the Worship Choir.

Children's Choir  

The Children's Choir, when in session, meets Wednesday's at 6:30 pm in the Children's Choir Room -- ages are kindergarten through 5th grade.

Instrumental Music

Worship Team Band

The Worship Team Band is composed of instrumentalists committed to leading worship during the Sunday Worship Service and special events. The Band may optionally or upon request rehearse with the keyboards Wednesday evenings after the mid-week service (@ 7:30 pm), but are required to rehearse Sunday mornings with the rest of the Team at 8:25 am.   Contact Debbie Anderson, Music Director, via email to if you are interested in being part of the Worship Team Band.

Sound and Media

The Sound and Media Teams are the behind-the-scenes heroes of the Music and Media Ministry.  Contact Debbie Anderson via email to if you are interested in serving in Sound and Media.  

Media Team

The Media Team prepares and projects Worship Service visual media for the Sunday Worship Service, the Mid-Week Service, and other services as requested.

Sound Team

The Sound Team operates the sound system for the Sunday Worship Service, the Mid-Week Service, and other services as requested. 

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