BK's Korner, 12/8/2020


I guess by now everyone is starting to gear up for Christmas. You’ve probably already began shopping, decorating and planning the holidays for how you will get to see everyone. Don’t forget to plan on how you will make Jesus the reason for the season.  

You can begin by joining us each Sunday for Worship. During the month of December I am preaching a sermon series on “A Baby Changes Everything.” If that sounds familiar it is because it is the name of the musical/drama that we will present at the end of February.  If you intended to sing in the choir for the musical but never made it,  then this is kind of like a reset. I feel certain Debbie wouldn’t mind if you joined us now.

I am also planning to have our Christmas Eve and Christmas morning services. Join us on Thursday December 24 for our Christmas Eve Lord’s Supper service. It is a special time that really drives home why we celebrate Christmas.  Then on Christmas morning meet us here at the church at 8 am for a very short and informal time to gather.  I really see this more as a family gathering. Don’t dress up (wear your pajama pants if you wish). We will sing a couple of carols and I’ll share a little something. It will be very short but again, it will put our hearts on Jesus where they need to be this Holiday Season. 

We are starting to phase back into our church activities.  This coming Sunday we will begin Sunday School again. If your class’ teacher isn’t back yet, there will be a place for you. For everyone, every age.  It may not be ideal but there will be a place.  We will also meet on Wednesday night, December 16. This will be a business meeting.

So whenever you are ready please come back. Continue to be careful and take care of yourself and each other when you do.

Hope to see you in person very soon. Remember: The more you miss church; the less you miss it.

Blessings and prayers
BK ><>

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