BK's Korner, 11/1/2021

I got adopted by a kitten a few weeks ago. He loves me. He always wants to be near me, no matter where I am.  He showed up at our front door one day just meowing as loud as he could.  I went out and petted him a little bit.  He was obviously still pretty young. He climbed on me and purred and then took off.  The next morning I kept hearing a noise in our laundry room.  That little kitten had climbed into the clothes dryer vent from the outside and he was stuck in that tube between the wall and the dryer. I took the hose off the dryer so he could climb out. He hasn’t left since.  I guess he’s mine now.

I often wonder where he came from.  Was he abandoned and unwanted?  Did he just go out for an adventure one day and got lost?  He didn’t know how to get back home? I do know that he was definitely in a bad situation when I found him.  He just needed to be rescued and loved.

I think the world, our community is like that.  It is full of people who may feel unwanted by God or life.  Maybe they just took a wrong turn in life at some point and got lost.  Maybe they have just wandered away.  It doesn’t matter. They need the same thing that little kitty needed.  They need to be rescued and loved.  The rescuing we cannot do.  Only Jesus can do that.  We can point them in the direction however.  We can tell them and show them how to be rescued. We can remind them that God loves them and wants to rescue them.

The loving part is our responsibility.  We just need to love them.  We need to offer them a place of security and acceptance.  Just like that little kitten they may have some wounds and bruises from what life has done to them.  But it doesn’t matter, we just need to love them.  Remember, it’s people that matter.

Hope you all have a great week.  Thank you so much for making another successful Pumpkin Patch.  Our community loves it. It is truly a ministry to them. Have a great week. See you soon.

BK ><>

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