BK's Korner, 10/11/2021

I hate when I pronounce someone’s name wrong.  Seriously, it really bothers me.  Last week I was officiating a funeral for a family that I had never met.  I pronounced one of the grandkid’s name wrong. It just ate away at me.  Of course I apologized and the young man seemed to not have a problem at all, but it bothered me. 

When I go on mission trips in Southeast Asia it is very important to me to learn to say peoples names correctly.  Their names are so difficult to pronounce with the inflections and sounds that we are not accustomed to.  Sometimes those who travel with me make fun of the sounds of the names.  Not me. I want to say the name and say it correctly. I almost feel like it is a matter of respect.  To mispronounce or make fun of someone’s name is extremely disrespectful.  It is their identifier.  It represents them as a person. It identifies who they are. It represents them.  I want to get it right, out of respect for them.

God’s third commandment tells us not take the name of the Lord in vain. It is His name.  It represents who He is. It represents His character. It is connected to His attributes. Now, that commandment isn’t really talking about saying His name correctly. What it really means is that if I am going to connect myself to that Name then my life needs to show forth the same character and attributes that the name represents. If I am going to put myself under the umbrella of God’s name and call myself one of His followers then I need to live out the character of the One who is identified by that name.

On another note, please continue to be in prayer for the Youth Search committee. Yes they are still working.  They are still receiving resumes and setting up interviews. The right person at the right time just hasn’t shown up yet.  We really need the guidance and the wisdom of the Lord.  So please continue to pray as the committee continues to work and pray as well.

Thanks to everyone who has been working in the Patch. We had a great week last week.  The next 3 weeks should be really good. We still need workers so come by or call the office to sign up to work in the Patch. Everyone have a great week!  Hold on to the Gospel in these uncertain times. Remember we know “Whom” we have believed in and we are convince that He is able to keep us!!!

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