Pastor's Paragraph, 6/12/2018

Dear Church Family,

A couple of reminders for you are that the deacon voting ends June 17th, so please access the information packet and ballot to contribute to FBCBC’s future. Also, speaking of future our VBS is about to kick off July 17th with a superhero theme. If you have not plugged in (contribute) to the adventure, you still can and don’t forget to invite everyone you can to come and connect through this fun and exciting event geared to reach the future.

Beginning June 24th we will be starting a sermon series which will take us through the Psalms. I have selected many to be a part of this series, but I would love to possibly include your favorite psalm. Several have shared with me their favorites and I would love to know yours. Psalms minister to our heart in a unique way and are often found to be comforting during difficult times. Without a doubt, they stir emotions of all kinds. We will together walk through the valley of the emotions contained in the Psalms without fear, trusting God to lead and direct us, taking comfort in his steadfast love for us.

Sunday we end our sermon series, “Tell Me A Story”, by looking at Jesus’ words to the disciples before his ascension. He instructs them in the Scriptures and reminds them of the change they have experienced in knowing him, Jesus, and the continuing transformation which will unfold over their life because of his death, burial, and resurrection. The disciples by the following of Christ and the repentance of sin have under gone a forgiveness which transforms. Jesus then tells them they are witnesses, by personal experience of this great truth, and they are to go and tell THE STORY. THE STORY comes alive when we tell our story demonstrating transformation at work. Our story of sin, shame, repentance, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and God’s transforming love working in us is a story we must share. Sunday I will share my story as we look at this passage. My story and yours is THE STORY lived out in evident and tangible ways for others to see. Are you telling your story and THE STORY?

FBCBC is where the “impossible” is a living reality everyday and we are about Connecting Christ to people. Invite 3 to come connect, celebrate and contribute to what God is doing at FBCBC.

For His Glory,
Douglas Shows
Luke 24:48



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