Pastor's Paragraph, 5/8/2018

Dear Church Family,

We finished our Sunday night class discussing our purpose, Connecting Christ with People and our areas of emphasis Connect, Celebrate, Contribute and Invite 3. I am thankful for all who came and were a part of putting the pieces together as we, the church, are doing the prep work for God’s blessing. We are continuing to see God move in each of us and drawing others to FBCBC for the work He desires to do through us. Our church attendance continues moving upward setting new averages as we purse reaching our goal of 225/300.

Sunday morning the sermon series “Tell Me a Story” continues with a look at Jesus’ parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin. Jesus uses these parables to counter the arrogant and prideful religious leaders who consider it despicable for Jesus to build relationships with sinners. The tragedy is not Jesus’ actions, but the heart of those who are condemning Jesus. Their error is twofold. One is the idea that sinners need to clean themselves up, by religious standards, before coming to God. The other more egregious error is the leaders think this is what they did for themselves. They earned their right to be counted as righteous and do not consider themselves sinners in need of repentance or forgiveness. Jesus confronts them with the truth that God and angels will celebrate the sinner who repents, but there will be no joy for those who do not and think they need not. Jesus only saves sinners and no one saved is anything but a sinner. Are we willing to follow Jesus and build relationships with sinners, people like us, who are in need of Christ? Will you be a part of the celebration of connecting Christ with people?

FBCBC is where the “impossible” is a living reality every day and Connecting Christ with People is Our Purpose. Invite 3 people to Connect, Celebrate, and Contribute by being a part of what God is doing at FBCBC.

For His Glory,

Douglas Shows
Luke 15:7

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