Pastor's Paragraph, 4/17/2018

Dear Church Family,
Sunday nights we have together pinpointed our purpose as Connecting Christ with People and the concept of Connect: The Who? Being that we are to connect with Christ, connect with each other, and connect with the community. This Sunday we will consider the idea of Celebrate: The What? We have more to celebrate than the occasional holiday or special event. Life can be draining and rob us of the feeling of happiness causing us to sense we have nothing to celebrate. Celebrating is an intentional action, a choice we make and so is not celebrating. We celebrate what we hold dear and consider important. Those who are redeemed by the atoning work of Christ have plenty to celebrate. But does our life reflect this truth? Are we grumbling about life or celebrating it because of Christ? Together we will look at building in an attitude of celebrating which will affect every part of our life. FBC Bridge City has a reason for being here and there is a reason you are a part of FBCBC. Your presence matters and your participation is important. Don’t miss the opportunity to join in the conversation and be involved in what God is doing at FBCBC.

The “Tell Me a Story” sermon series continues Sunday with Jesus’ Parable of The Talents. The master gives three servants his resources to be used and conduct his business while he is away. Two of the servants stay busy doing the work needed and through their obedience produce a profit for the master. One decides to play it safe and not risk what has been released to him to use and hides it away till the master returns. The two productive servants are praised and rewarded for their obedience. The other servant attempts to excuse his behavior and tries to simply return what had been given. The master condemns the servant and sends him to his rightful due, a harsh punishment. Jesus is highlighting the idea of faithfulness. Two servants are faithful and one is not. The difference is obedience. The difference putting to use what the Master, God, has given for the benefit of the Master. We all have a way to contribute to the work God is doing within this church and this world. Are you investing or hiding?

FBCBC is where the “impossible” is a living reality every day and Connecting Christ with People is Our Purpose. Invite 3 people to Connect, Celebrate, and Contribute by being a part of what God is doing at FBCBC.

For His Glory,
Douglas Shows
Matthew 25:21

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