Pastor's Paragraph, 10/23/2018

Dear Church Family,

Sunday night we walked through the problem of where the American evangelical church has gotten “off mission.” We at FBCBC have followed the same pattern by failing to “go.” The Great Commission requires the “go” to have the possibility of the results which are making, disciples, baptizing people, and having people to teach about Christ. Remove the “go” and a church is going nowhere. To get back “on mission” we looked at the concept of Commander’s Intent utilized by the military. The Marines have a slogan which encompasses this idea: Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome. We must know our primary objective, it is a nonnegotiable, while being flexible in how we reach it. Connecting Christ to people is our mission. How do we do it? We start with “GO.”

Psalm 108 is the text we will turn to as we continue our sermon series, “Songs for the Soul.” We are all susceptible to feeling defeated and hopeless. Having a relationship with Jesus Christ does not make us immune to this possibility. The issue we must contend with is not trying to avoid the dark and difficult times, but being certain we are responding to them appropriately. We live in a world which by its current nature is degenerative and destructive. We ourselves are preprogrammed by our sin nature to be self-centered and fatalistic. We cannot defeat the darkness by determining to be happy and strong arming our will to conquer our despair. The problem is there are bad days, bad months, bad years, and even bad lives. Life can be and is painful. But where do we look for our hope? Are we to manufacture our own solution? God calls us to trust him in our pain and hopelessness. “For vain is the salvation of man” (v.12) when we attempt our own tainted resolutions versus trusting in him. God does not save us from despair, God saves us through the despair. “With God we shall do valiantly; it is he who will tread down our foes.” (v.13) Will you trust God to do the work of salvation on your behalf?

FBCBC is where the “impossible” is a living reality everyday and we are about Connecting Christ to people. Invite 3 to come connect, celebrate and contribute to what God is doing at FBCBC.

For His Glory,
Douglas Shows
Psalm 108:4

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