Pastor's Paragraph, 12/19/2017

Dear Church Family,

Christmas is approaching fast and we are in our final week of celebration. Our times together have been heartwarming and glorifying to Christ. Sunday, December 24th we will have Sunday School as normal and worship at 10:30 am with a baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Later at 5:00 pm, we will gather again for a time of singing and focusing on Christ with a Candlelight Service. We will have gifts for the children, so bring the family. Be aware, December 27th there will be no services and on December 31st we will have Sunday School and Worship as usual. I am looking forward to finishing our journey to joy together through finding the Christ of Christmas.

It had always been... There was never a moment in which this was not going to unfold. Before the first words of creation were spoken by God, God was moving all existence to this moment of revealing. Creation itself is of such splendor that one can stand in awe for a lifetime. However, creation was a small thing for this God. He created everything and gave life to dirt calling it Adam. Adam was commissioned to care for the dwelling place of God within his creation referred to as the Garden and to spread the greatness of this God across the whole of the earth. God in his care for Adam, gave him a gift named Eve to share in this great adventure. Adam and Eve loved their time together exploring the grand spectacle of the Garden and creation. One day, passing the tree from which they were not to eat, the serpent enticed Adam and Eve to listen to his version of the creation story. God was arrogant and making everything about himself, but you two are special and deserve respect. “Who takes care of everything here?” “Where is God when you need Him?” The serpent promised with their eyes wide open they could rule all the better and not depend on God. The trap had been set and now the snare had been triggered the moment they bit of the fruit. Shame and darkness engulfed them like a tidal wave attacks a seashore. Fear permeated ever part of their mind and body as they saw the dividing line between God’s holiness and now their sin. Regret filled their hearts, but it was now too late. They ran from God to find a place to hide from the overbearing truth of their sin. Adam clutched Eve as they shivered in the dark realizing it was hopeless, death was upon them, God would be coming.

God was coming. This was the moment He would get to announce with joy the remedy for their sin.

God would not ignore the sin, for this was not how a just and holy God contends with sin. He would deal with it directly and confront it lovingly tempered in grace, mercy, and truth. God challenged Adam and Eve in the lies and desire they had to blame someone other than themselves. At the moment Adam and Eve fully accepted the reality of their sin and the just punishment to come, God stepped in. God shared the story He had been waiting to tell them while He sacrificed the lamb and fastened a new covering for them. A garment in which took a life to deal with death. An innocent to redeem the guilty. An exchange of sin for righteousness. God told them many years from now, what is being done here today will be done for all of humanity. God was coming. God was coming to the world by the way of Bethlehem.

Find Christ and we find Joy. Let us focus so as not to miss Christ.

FBCBC is where the “impossible” is a living reality everyday and Christ is who we seek to exalt. Invite someone to be a part of what God is doing at FBCBC.

Your Pastor,
Douglas Shows
Luke 1:30-33

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