BK's Korner, 7/11/2022

Well, we start VBS today.  I hope that you have been praying for us this week.  Workers need God’s love, compassion and patience.  The kids need the Spirit of God to open the eyes of their heart so that they can understand and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

One of the things that I love seeing during VBS here at FBC is the amount of people who volunteer to help.  All of you really step up and do your part.  Everyone has different gifts and talents and you all offer them during this time.  You are to be commended.  As one person prayed last night, we do not know the eternal impact that this week could have.  One kid saved. He becomes a pastor or missionary.  He has great influence in a city.  The city influences it’s country and the country the world!  Yes. One child here at FBC can have an eternal spiritual impact. 

I hope that you will continue making the Lord a part of your summer.  Next Sunday evening we will have a Worship Service! Dewey Stuart will be preaching.  Dewey’s messages are always from His heart. After this summer is over it will be time to … well …. You know … UNLOAD PUMPKINS.  That’s right the pumpkins are coming at the end of September so you’ll want to be getting prepared for that. 

Cheryl and I had a great vacation. It is always good to get away.  It is also good to come back refreshed and ready.  I understand Cody did a wonderful job filling in.  It is good to know that I can be out without worrying about what could be happening here.

Yall have a great week. See you on the other side of VBS!!

BK ><>

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