BK's Korner, 6/6/2022

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Youth Bake Auction Fund Raiser last night. People baked, purchased, served and cleaned.  If you missed it, you missed out on a good time.  We laughed and ate fantastic desserts all while raising around $2,100.00 for our Youth Ministry.  I am very happy and excited about the state of our church right now. 

In case you didn’t hear, we didn’t have near enough Hurricane Preparedness Kits to give away on our first Saturday.  People were lined up down the street before 10 am to get them.  They were gone in no time. Therefore, we are going to do it again in July.  Please bring the items that we are collecting.  We cannot have too many Hurricane Preparedness Kits.  We will always be able to give them away somewhere to someone.  We know it is that time of year and we know someone will  be needing them.  Let’s put together as many as we can and give them away. Also, there were many people prayed for on Saturday.  We are just reminded of how many people in our community are hurting.  People all around us.  We see them in the stores, at the gas station and in all the places that we go.  We cannot see it on the outside, but inside they are crying.  The hurt is deep.  

We are the salt of the earth. We are the ones who should be coming along side of the hurting to offer prayer and support. I am serious about praying the blessing of God upon our community. We need it. We need it desperately. We need God to do a mighty work before our eyes. The world is becoming so dark.  We have had tragedy right here in our own community over the last week.  I pray that God would have mercy on us. That He would be gracious to us.  That He would send out laborers into our community to testify of the love of Christ.   If nothing else, we can just tell them, “come and see.”

Be sure to stay on top of everything coming up this summer.  There will be many opportunities to serve, fellowship and grow.  Let’s take advantage of them and be the body that God desires us to be!

God bless you all. 
Love you

BK ><>

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