BK's Korner, 6/27/2022

We have a metal mailbox at the house.  The box itself is metal, the post that it sits on is metal and the bracket that actually provides a way to secure the mailbox is also made of metal.  I don’t know how old it is, but I know it’s old. The weather in this environment really wreaks havoc on things made of metal.  Corrosion and rust decay parts and many times they break.  Also, over the years our little mailbox has been bumped and scarped by cars…. I won’t say who was driving.  So for a few years now the mailbox has been wobbly and it no longer sits straight.  Finally quite a while back one of the screws that works as a hinge for the door broke so that the door of the mailbox was only connected on one side. It wouldn’t close all the way and really it just hung open most of the time.

Cheryl began to tell me, probably over a year ago that we need to fix the mailbox. “Ok. I’ll get right on that.”  Finally, a couple of months ago she came home one day and she had gone to Home Depot and bought a mailbox.  She put it on the fireplace.  “Here” she said.  “I got this for you so you can fix our mailbox.”  Well, I actually did go out to change it one time, but the nuts and bolts that connected it were so rusted and corroded that there was no way to take them off.  I left it alone as I contemplated the best (easiest) way to remove it.

Saturday morning Cheryl had gone to the gym.  When she came home she walked into the room, where I was sitting in my recliner and she matter of factly declared to me, “I have torn the mailbox down.”  That was all she said. So I got up and went outside and sure enough she had torn the mailbox off.  In the process she destroyed the bracket that holds it as well.  To my credit I didn’t fly off the handle.  I didn’t tell her that she just made fixing it ten times harder than it would have been.  In fact I really didn’t say anything.  But listen.  I’m the man at my house.  When something needs to be fixed I will fix it.  I will decide when and how.  So, you know what I did? I FIXED THE MAIL BOX!  Hahaha

Later while mowing God spoke to me about a lesson from that.  He said you know sometimes I show you things in your life that need to be fixed.  I show you areas that I need you to give attention to.  You put it off and put it off until finally I (God) just have to tear it apart so that you will finally give it the attention it needs.

Really there is a particular area of my life that this is true.  Lately I just don’t seem to have energy to even want to get up and do things.  I have prayed about it and God has clearly told me the reason I feel that way is because I am not taking care of my health.  I eat like I
did in elementary school and I get no exercise.  He told me to start taking care of my physical health.  I have kept putting it off…. It dawned on me as I rode that lawn mower …. Is God going to have to tear my health apart so that I will begin to give the attention that He has already told me it needs? Ouch! 

How about you?  Has God been showing you an area of your life that needs attention and you haven’t gotten around to it yet?  We might want to do that before he tears it apart and then we have no choice.

Love you all.
BK ><>

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