BK's Korner, 6/20/2022

My daughter made me my favorite cake for Father’s day. You all know that really I’m partial to fruit pies but I do love cake as well. Especially lemon cake.  She made me one.  I facetimed her and there she was in the kitchen making the cake.  She had everything in the mixing bowl. She put in the mixer and started to mix that cake batter.  I was instantly taken back to my childhood.  When my mom would bake a cake.  You see when mom made a cake, my sister and I had one thing on our minds.  We wanted to lick those beaters off that mixer! When she was done mixing we got after the beaters, licking that cake batter off of them.  When we were finished with that we went to work on the spatula and the bowl.  Honestly that cake batter was better than the cake itself.  I still love to lick the beaters, the spatula and clean out the bowl!

As I’ve been thinking about that and being nostalgic over the last two days a verse has come to my mind.  Matthew 7:11.  Jesus said, “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!” Now the context of this verse is about prayer and asking God for what we desire, but the truth taught is huge.  If our parents or we as parents know how to bless our kids in small ways that bring them joy; why would we not think that God would do that to an even greater degree for us? God’s desire for our joy, happiness and well being is greater than ours for our children and He can do so much more.

Remember, it’s the little things that those we love will remember. It’s those “insignificant” events that touch peoples hearts and lives.  Love your family and let God love you!

Last Saturday we had a great turn out for the Fun In The Son event in Beaumont.  We endured the heat and ministered to the homeless. Our church cooked and served burgers and hot dogs.  We gave away backpacks and toiletries. We prayed with them. Others churches were there serving other kinds of food. There were a couple of guys there cutting hair.  There was a band playing. They entertained and we worshipped! We even saw a baptism.  It was an uplifting day.  We were blessed tremendously.

Yesterday was a great day in God’s house!  This morning I read Psalms 107 for my video.  Check it out or read Psalms 107 for yourself.  It really just pumped me up all over again.  God is so good and we need to say so!  He is a wonderful God, full of lovingkindness!

Love and blessings to all of you.
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