BK's Korner, 5/9/2022


I went to see my dad this past weekend.  The area where my dad lives between San Marcos and Kyle is really growing.  What used to be milo and cotton fields is now a giant Amazon warehouse and many housing developments.  Directly across the road from my Dad’s road is a big new housing development.  In part of it they are preparing the infrastructure. (they are building the roads)  As a result they have all the ground dug up.  When I saw it I was reminded about that rich black dirt in that part of the state. I thought about how there are different kinds of soil in different areas.  Of course, I was reminded of the parable of the soils.  However I thought of it  with a different application than they way Jesus used it.

You see, different types of soils produce different kinds of produce.  For example, as I said, that rich black dirt grew great cotton and grains.  However, just a few miles away in Luling is a sandy type of soil.  There in the sand they grow watermelons. There are watermelon fields all around Luling.  Here in Southeast Texas, this soil is good for rice. You get my point. Different soils produce different fruit. 

It reminds me how we in the body of Christ all produce different spiritual fruit. We have different soils that the Word of God is planted and grows in.  Some people are full of compassion for the needy. Some have a hunger for God’s Word and are able to teach it to others.  Some people just want to tell everyone about Jesus everywhere they go. Some are passionate about worship.  Others seem to have a gift in regard to prayer. Everyone is different. Everyone produces their own individual fruit. We don’t all produce the same fruit.  

Sometimes you might get frustrated because others aren’t passionate about the same things that you are.  Others aren’t as strong in certain situations as you are.  Just remember. They are passionate and strong in areas where you may not be.  We are all one body.  The body needs all of it’s parts.  We need all of the fruit.  We are all different soils and thus produce different fruit!

Love you all
Get out there and Faith The Day!
BK ><>

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