BK;s Korner, 2/21/2021

Lately I have asked you to pray for different things in different venues and activities.  You may not be involved in all of them so I am going to list all of the things that I’d like you to be praying for in regard to church.

From Isaiah 2:1-3 Pray:
   That God would exalt His Church.
   The people would flow to God’s Church.
  The people would be hungry for the Word of
   The people would have a desire to do God’s will.
   The Word of God would always go out from this

From Experiencing God study pray:
   That God would show us where He is at work.
   That God would use you to reach 1 person with
the gospel.

Pray that our lives would be radically changed by the gospel.  It is not what we know or what we declare that matters, it is what we live that shows what is really in our hearts. 

God’s sense of humor. So you remember the message from Sunday on Isaiah 58.  So I’m pouring over the message the week prior.  Show up early on Sunday morning as usual. There’s a guy parked and sleeping in his car in our parking lot.  I meet him before Sunday School just to see if everything’s ok.  I preach.  On Monday morning he’s still here.  Coincidence?  I kind of doubt it.  Just finished talking to him.  I don’t know, I could be totally wrong but I think he’s just a guy down on his luck. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m not.  Doesn’t matter.  Isaiah 58, that is what matters. Am I going to live out what I proclaim?  Practice what I preach? That is what matters.

Yall have a great week.  Keep your eyes open for where God may be working. We need to know.  He will show us because He loves us.  God is about to do something! 

BK ><>

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