BK's Korner, 2/14/2022

Just about everything I want to say in this article, I said last night at the Experiencing God Bible Study.  However it bears repeating for everyone.

Something from the study last week really hit me. It was actually the thoughts of a 19 century Minister in England.  His name was George Muller.  George Muller was concerned about the state of the church.  He felt that they no longer looked for God to do anything unusual among them.  They didn’t really expect God to answer their prayers.  Their faith was small.  When I read this I thought, this is the state of the church today.  I mean, do you really have an expectation that God is going to show up here in Bridge City and just do something that would amaze everyone? We need to start expecting God to be God and then look for where He is working.  We need to believe that as we pray God hears and is moved and will answer our prayers.  Again, we need to pay attention to see how He does it.  I am asking the church to pray that God would show us what He wants to do.  I hope that you will join us in that prayer. 

I can feel the presence of God’s Spirit with us each week as we gather together. I cannot remember a time in my ministry when I have felt so energized EVERYTIME I get in the pulpit.  I feel like God wants to do something here with us and/or among us. We just need to return to the Lord. We need to surrender to Him.  We need to surrender our lives and church to Him.  When we can get to the place where we desire His will and His purposes to be fulfilled then we will begin to experience Him in incredible ways. 

I wonder what God might want to do today or this week?  I don’t know, but I do know that I don’t want to miss it. I am going to look and be aware .  I am going to put up my spiritual antenna so that I will hear and see when God is speaking and working. 

I wonder what God might do this week!

Love and Blessings
BK ><>

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