BK's Korner, 1/17/2022

Have you prayed yet today?  Did you pray for those things that I asked you to write down and pray for yesterday?  If not, then do it now!  The following is to be added to your prayer list.  Tear it out.  Make copies of it. Write it down. Put it in your Bible, on your nightstand, on your refrigerator. Put it wherever you will be reminded to pray for these things regarding our church.  How long should you pray these things?  You should pray them for whatever church you are a part of for the rest of your life!  Here they are. Taken from Isaiah 2:2-4

Pray That:
God will establish and exalt His church.  
The community will flow to God’s church.  
The community will have a hunger for God’s Word
The people would walk in God’s ways
The Word of God would always go out from
6. There would be peace in the world.

Special report from the Youth Minister Search Committee.  The Youth Minister Search committee will be presenting a young man to the Church Body on Sunday, January 30 in view of a call to be our youth minister.  We will vote after the Sunday morning service. 

His name is Cody Hamilton. He is 26 years old.  He is a recent graduate of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Since his graduation last may he has been assisting in planting a church in Missouri.

Cody will be attending a youth fellowship at the Collier’s home this Friday to meet the kids.  We will have a breakfast meet and greet on Sunday morning January 30 at 8:30 am. So come a little before Sunday School and meet Cody and ask him any questions you may have.  Cody will then share a bit in our morning service and we will vote afterwards.  Please be in prayer for Cody and for our church.

God bless you all. Have a great day. Pray!
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